What Makes Up a Good News Story?


News is a form of communication, whether written, televised or otherwise. It is an important tool for people to stay informed about the latest events. This is especially true in a global economy. The news also helps people understand and relate to other cultures.

Several studies have been done on what makes up a good news story. These studies have found that the best stories are the ones that are timely, interesting and impactful. For instance, breaking an arm doesn’t make a news story. However, a scandal or a major event does.

Another study examined the best stories from the radio and television channels. While there were some similarities, the topics and scope of coverage varied greatly. Some stories were simply read aloud by anchors, while others involved the hosts doing a monologue or interviewing a guest.

Similarly, there were several radio and television programs that used the inverted pyramid style of news making. One example was the Associated Press wire service. Almost all of their stories were rewritten before airing.

In the case of television, one of the most popular story types is the news reel. Stories that involve the newscaster are a fun way to put a human face on a big story.

Likewise, there are a number of other notable news media. Among them are citizen journalists and the Internet. Although it is hard to gauge the popularity of any of these new forms of media, they will certainly play a role in community news.