What Makes a Good News Article?


News is the information conveyed in newspaper articles, TV and radio broadcasts, and the internet. It is a record of what has happened in the past and a guide to what may happen in the future.

A news article has several elements that make it a compelling piece to read: Exclusivity: The story is unique to the publisher (not reported elsewhere). This can be achieved through sourcing information such as letters, interviews, surveys or investigations. The novelty of the story can also be accomplished by its impact on society, its influence or its significance. It could be an event of major public importance, a celebrity death or even something as simple as an unusual weather pattern.

The main news story must provide all the significant facts and details about the event being reported. This includes how it happened, when and where. It is also important to cite any sources used in the report. This allows readers to evaluate the credibility of the sources and their evidence. It is also important to include any additional information that can help the reader understand the events or information being reported, such as quotes from interviews and background information on key players involved.

The addition of opinionated sources can really add interest to a news story, especially if the source is well known or renowned for their views on a particular topic. Blogs, newspapers with opinion sections and specialized news aggregators can be great sources of information.