What Is Religion?


Religion is a system of beliefs, values, rituals and worship shared by many people. It often involves one or more gods and is centred on the idea of a divine being that offers rewards for loyalty.

Religions usually have an organisation that employs religious leaders, educates members into the ideas of their religion and also manages money, owns buildings and makes rules. They may also have a set of teachings that are written down or passed on through stories told by the people of that religion.

There are different kinds of religions including monotheistic (one deity) and polytheistic (many deities). Some religions have a strict rule for who can be a leader in that religion, while other religions allow anyone to become a leader.

The leaders of a religion are called priests and pastors. They are in charge of a church, mosque or synagogue and they teach others about their religion. They may have a particular role in the religion such as being a prophet or having to take care of certain important people.

Many people believe that they have a special relationship with their God and that there is a place in heaven for them. They may also be concerned about their fate after death.