What Is News?

News is information about something important happening in the world or about people. It is reported in a way that is brief so it can be read quickly, clearly so that people will understand the information and picturesquely so that it will be remembered. In addition, it is important that the information is accurate.

Many of the events that make news are dramatic. This means that there are good and bad characters involved in the story, and that there is a clear conflict between them. For example, a robbery at a convenience store might make the news because it highlights the good guys (the people who were robbed) and the bad guys (the robbers).

People like controversies. They are interested in arguments, charges and counter-charges, and fights. People also like stories that are interesting or unusual. News is most effective if it is new. It doesn’t do much good to report on things that happened a week ago. It is important that news be reported promptly so that people will get the latest information before everyone else does.

Before a story is published, it goes through a process called cross checking to ensure that the facts are correct and that there is no bias. This is done by people within the organization who are referred to as gatekeepers. These are the people who decide what will be published in a newspaper, on TV or radio, and on the news website. They take recommendations from reporters, assistant editors and others who are evaluating news.