What is News?


News is the information that is transmitted by newspapers, TV stations, radio stations and Internet sites. It includes breaking news, compiled or aggregated reports, and historical news.

In general, it refers to the news that is transmitted on a regular basis by commercially financed media organizations like newspapers and television stations. However, news is also transmitted by public broadcasters such as government-run TV stations.

Characteristics of News

A news story is usually an event that involves drama, consequence and timeliness. Examples of such events are a fire at a school, an accident at the office, a baby tiger being born, or a person walking to school alone on a cold morning with no shoes.

The decision as to which stories will be covered in a newspaper or on the television line-up is made by people who work at the news organizations themselves, depending on whether they are print, broadcast or Internet based. These are called editors, directors or managers and they take recommendations from their reporters and assistant editors, as well as many other employees.

There are three types of news: good, bad and conflictive. Bad news has particularly negative overtones, such as death, injury or defeat.