What is Law?


Law is the study of the rules and structures that govern the conduct of individuals and groups in a community or country. There are many different types of legal issues – from family problems and divorce to work-related problems and accusations of crimes. Some of the most common legal problems include consumer rights, immigration, housing issues, and debt and money issues. The law is an integral part of society and people need to understand and protect their rights under it. The internet is an important resource for learning about legal issues. You can access government websites on youth and the law, the criminal justice system, and legal procedures.

Law is the study of rules and processes that are enforced by governmental and social institutions. It is often referred to as the science of justice or the art of justice. In a common law jurisdiction, laws are made by the state through group legislatures or by an individual legislature. Private individuals can also create legal documents and arbitrate cases.

Law shapes history, politics, and economics. It is the mediator between individuals and institutions.