What Is Fashion?

Fashion is the way a person dresses, which also includes accessories like jewellery. It is also a way of showing the world what you want to stand for. Fashion is not just a matter of looks, but it can also be fulfilling, mood-boosting, and imperative for self-esteem. It is a very big industry and there are several things about it that people should know.

Fashion changes quickly and it is often influenced by popular culture and social change. It also varies within societies, as different age groups, classes, and genders have their own established styles. If a person slavishly follows the latest trends, they may look foolish in the eyes of other members of their society. Fashion can also include certain attitudes, such as the belief that women should dress modestly.

One major difference between fashion and style is that fashionable items are usually more extreme than style, which tends to be a bit more subtle. For example, a miniskirt was a fashion statement that came about when women began to fight for their right to vote and have a career outside of the home. This was a very important social change that was supported by fashion trends at the time.

Fashion is also a multi-billion dollar global industry that provides lots of jobs and benefits to many people. Among other things, it makes clothes and accessories affordable for almost everyone to indulge in them and feel good about themselves.