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    How are volcanoes formed?

    Volcanoes are natural phenomenon that occur everywhere, but some places are more prone than the othe...

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    What is the difference between oceans and seas?

    The word 'oceans' implies the large water bodies of the world, namely, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian...

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    Why is the landscape so varied?

    Different types of landscapes such as plains, wide valleys, gorges, dunes, rounded hills, and rugged...

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    What is the External Structure of the Erath?

    t has been known for more than 2000 years that the Earth is round, but we were able to actually see ...

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    Why does the Earth tremble sometimes?

    Why does the Earth tremble sometimes ? The moving tectonic plates, in which the uppermost layer of t...

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    What is climate?

    While the weather changes every day and a hot and humid day can be followed by a rainy one, the clim...

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