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    How did plant and animal species originate?

    Species originated because plants and animals always adapted to the ever-changing environmental cond...

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    Why do animals become extinct?

    Since the time animals have evolved species continue to become extinct. The most well-known example ...

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    How many animal species do we have?

    There are more than 1.5 million animal species. Ranging from simple animals like sponges and jellyfi...

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    Why are plants different?

    Many plants grow very high, but others remain small. Deciduous trees shed their leaves in autumn, bu...

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    How many plant species are there?

    Lichens are unusual. They have neither roots nor leaves, and live in association with a fungus that ...

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    What do plants and animals need to grow?

    Almost all plants and animals need air, water, light, and nutrition to grow. Green plants use a comp...

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